Quandoo Terms & Conditions for Corporate Partners

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Thanks for reading our terms. We know - this legalese is heavy stuff and most people don't really...read it, like, at all.
We want to change this, save your time and start off with a new approach. We can't just completely leave out the standard legalese, for legal reasons 😬, but we're gonna make it readable to you. Try and read through the right side of these terms and you will see, you might actually enjoy it!

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Quick Summary

General Provisions

1. Scope

1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the business relationship between Quandoo Australia Pty Ltd. ("Quandoo" or "we") and restaurant partners (the "Partner" or "you"). Supplementary terms and conditions may apply to individual additional services ( "Additional Terms and Conditions").

1.2. Your deviating, supplementary or contradictory terms and conditions will not apply, even if we provide our services with knowledge of these and not having objected to them.

2. Contractual relationships, registration requirements, registration, amendment of terms of use

2.1. Only restaurant owners with full legal capacity may enter into these Terms and Conditions. The contractual relationship is limited to you as the Partner and is not transferable.

2.2. Quandoo is one of the leading online platforms for restaurant reservations. We connect restaurants and guests via our reservation system and also provide you with software for reservation management. We allow guests to make reservations at your restaurant at any time and from any device (referred to as a whole as our "Quandoo Services"). To use our Quandoo Services, you need to set up a user account ("User Account") with Quandoo. To register, you need a valid e-mail address and a password of your choice. You undertake to provide true and complete information during the registration and to keep this up to date during the term of your contract. You agree that Quandoo may communicate with you via your User Account and your stored e-mail address.

2.3. You agree to protect your access details at all times and not to allow unauthorised third parties to access your User Account and the Quandoo Services provided to you (apart from your authorised employees).

2.4. These Terms and Conditions for Corporate Partners and the Additional Terms and Conditions may be amended by Quandoo, provided that (i) you expressly or implicitly agree to this, (ii) the amendments are due to mandatory statutory requirements or (iii) your consent is deemed to be provided in accordance with the following provisions. In the aforementioned cases (ii) and (iii), you will be informed of intended amendments in writing at least 30 calendar days before they become valid. In case (iii), the following will also apply: if you do not object in writing, by e-mail to gtc@quandoo.com, within a period of 14 calendar days from the communication about the planned amendment, your consent will be deemed granted and the amendments will become a valid part of the contract on the communicated date. We reserve the right to terminate your contract within 14 calendar days after receipt of such an objection.

Quandoo’s Do’s and Dont’s

Working together 101

We tell you what works for us here 😄 and what’s best to avoid 😬. Be sure to inform us when anything changes on your side.

3. Listings

3.1. Quandoo will publish entries with information about local restaurants (You) ("Listings") – both on its own channels (Quandoo domains, Quandoo app) and via cooperation partners (third-party providers who advertise, refer or link to the Quandoo channels or offer the Quandoo Services through their own channels via technical integration. They may also be social media platforms, search engines and other third parties), collectively referred to as the "Quandoo Network". This information may include, for example, address and contact details, images, photos and descriptions, offers and services, opening times and prices. This information may have been supplied by you, or it may have been created editorially by Quandoo or users of the Quandoo Services independently of a contractual relationship.

3.2. At all times during the term of the contract, you will ensure that the information you have provided or posted yourself satisfies all the statutory and contractual requirements, does not infringe any third party rights and is true, accurate and in no way misleading. As soon as such information does not or no longer complies with this, you will immediately correct it or, if you are unable to correct it yourself, immediately inform us thereof in writing.

3.3. At Quandoo's request, you will also check whether your business information that has been published on the website, or that is intended for publication on the website, by either Quandoo itself or by users of the Quandoo Services, satisfies the above mentioned requirements.

3. Listings

We’ll publish your restaurant’s information on our pages, as well as highlight your business across our channels. We’ll do this with the assets you provide to our team and might ask you to have a look and confirm that everything is correct.

3.4. Quandoo reserves the right to remove or correct any information that is inaccurate or that violates any provisions of this contract or the law, but we are under no obligation to do so. Quandoo reserves the right to remove the Listing after the end of the term of the contract. Quandoo will decide where, in what form and in what position (order) a Listing appears (the "Ranking"). The Ranking is determined by taking the particular user's search request into account and determining which results would be most relevant. The relevance depends on the degree to which the search request matches the restaurant name, availability and cuisine offered. Other factors taken into account include the restaurant's distance from the city centre or the place from where the user is based, as well as the number and quality of reviews submitted for your restaurant. The Ranking is generated by automatic algorithms and can change at any time.

3.4 We have a very good matrix working behind the scenes for you. We’ll determine how to hype you up, based on soooo many factors, like what you offer, when is your optimum traffic time, and a few other things.

If, at any time, your offer differs from the information you’ve provided to us, please let us know. Our team has the power to remove any inaccuracies from our pages if it should come to that (but we hope it won’t).

4. Quandoo's Services

4.1. You contractually agree to the use of one of Quandoo's booking modules (product), to receive, process and manage reservations. The scope of the services and the methods of payment are laid down in the respective service description or in your Service Agreement.

4. Quandoo's Services

This part is pretty simple: You agree to use Quandoo. We’re happy to give you training or help when you want to know more - just get in touch! As long as we’re working together, your restaurant has access to all of the services we’ve discussed, like Bookings, Calendars, and more.

4.2. All modules will include the provision of (i) a booking calendar for integration on your website ("Partner Integration" or "Widget") and (ii) the use of a database to manage reservations in your User Account via a website. Depending on your selected module, a mobile application ("Partner Application") may also be at your disposal. The scope of services relating to the use of the database to manage reservations will vary depending on the selected module you agreed to.

4.3. When the contract is concluded and the set-up complete, your restaurant can be booked throughout the Quandoo Network.

4.4. During the term of the contract you will receive the non-exclusive and non-transferable contractual right to use the module you subscribed to, in the agreed version and only to the agreed extent, exclusively for the management of your own business processes and in compliance with the provisions of the contract. You will not acquire any proprietary rights of use to the underlying software (computer programs and databases).

4.5. The offer will have a technical availability of at least 97% per year, except for usual and reasonable maintenance work, force majeure or other events or circumstances outside of Quandoo's control.

4.6. Subject to individual agreements, the information in the order process and online dialogues of your User Account will determine the description and scope of the product or services (e.g. with regard to the availability of a module in a specific country, technical conditions and specifications for the Partner Integration or the installation and operation of the Partner Application). Support, installation, maintenance and training will only be given if agreed to between us. If a fixed set-up fee is applicable, we will provide the following services: ( 1 ) the set-up of the reservation management system (all modules: User Account/ Premium: with a table plan + tablet, if applicable), ( 2 ) the preparation of the Listing, and ( 3 ) the once-off induction of staff (remotely or, in exceptional cases, on site, depending on the module booked) or autonomous induction. You may cancel or postpone the induction mentioned in number ( 3 ) at least 24 hours before the appointment without incurring any costs. If you cancel or postpone the appointment less than 24 hours before, we reserve the right to charge the resulting costs. The same applies in case of any further cancellation or postponement.

4.2 In essence, we host your restaurant on our platform and can’t wait to have you as one of our valued guests, for as long as we both agree (we hope that means a long time 😉 ).

4.7. Quandoo gives end users the option of submitting reviews for restaurants they visit. The end users will submit the reviews exclusively to Quandoo. You will not be entitled to use these reviews independently (e.g. in your own advertising materials).

4.7.1. You may not manipulate the review system by submitting reviews for your own or a competitor's service, nor may you commission third parties to do so. You may not influence the submission of reviews by end users.

4.7.2. Quandoo will check and monitor reviews and other content submitted by end users (i) before publication at our sole discretion and (ii) after publication in case of a complaint by you. If you believe that a review of your restaurant contains unlawful contents, you are obligated to notify Quandoo of this in writing and to give Quandoo the opportunity to examine the review and respond accordingly.

4.7.3. Quandoo will be entitled to publish the reviews submitted by end users but we are under no obligation to do so. We reserve the right not to publish individual reviews, in whole or in part, or to delete them, particularly when infringing our Terms and Conditions or terms of use.

4.7 We encourage diners to write reviews on Quandoo about their delicious experiences. We love sharing these on our website to give prospective restaurant-goers a sneak peek of what to expect. These reviews should only be used by the Quandoo team.

You agree not to manipulate this review system or cheat it in any way (we’re not big on cheating and would guess you aren’t either).

5. Reservation cover fees, cancellations, no shows

5.1. Reservations that are made via the Quandoo Network will be subject to the cover fees specified in the Service Agreement (each a "Quandoo Transaction"). The Quandoo Network also includes third-party providers as defined above. If any one of these third-party providers increases the fees for reservations via their platform, we reserve the right to increase the cover fee for reservations made via that third-party provider's platform accordingly. We will inform you of such an increase at least 30 calendar days before the new price structure comes into effect. If the cost increase is unreasonable, you will have the right to object to the price increase in writing by sending an e-mail to gtc@quandoo.com within a period of 14 calendar days from the announcement of the price increase. We reserve the right to terminate your contract within 14 calendar days after receipt of such an objection.

5.2. For all reservations made, Quandoo will charge the agreed cover fee for each guest. With group bookings, the cover fee will be limited to the maximum number of people you have set per reservation for the Quandoo Network in your User Account. This will also apply when Quandoo provides other booking options that technically exceed this limit.

5. Reservation cover fees, cancellations, no shows

We easily handle and organise your reservations at the rate we’ve agreed on. If we increase our fees, we’ll give you a heads up with plenty of time for us to work it out.

5.3. For some products, you will have the option of charging a cancellation fee for cancellations or "no shows". If you decide to charge such a cancellation fee, you must inform us of (i) the specific amount of the relevant cancellation fee (three options are available: 100%, 50%, 20%) and (ii) the minimum term of the declaration of cancellation that you demand from the end user (e.g.no less than 60 minutes before the reservation).

5.4. You will immediately inform Quandoo of cancelled reservations and reservations that are not kept without prior cancellation ("No Shows"), either via your User Account, the Partner Application or by telephone, but no later than 72 hours after the cancellation or the no show (the "Reporting Period"). Always quote the reference number for the reservation. In this communication, you must also inform us whether you would like to avail yourself of the agreed cancellation fee (at your own discretion). Without this additional information, Quandoo will automatically invoice the end user for the agreed cancellation fee 72 hours after the end of the reservation period.

5.5. If you decide to charge a cancellation fee and this fee has been provided, we will pay out the agreed cancellation fee to you. This payment will take place once a month, according to the Quandoo billing cycle. Quandoo will be entitled to offset the cancellation fee against any liabilities of the Partner against Quandoo. In accordance with our terms of use, we will also be entitled to levy a cancellation fee from the end user. We will inform the end user of such a fee and all the associated terms and conditions. We will only be obligated to pay the agreed cancellation fee to you if we receive the cancellation fee from the user.

5.6. No cover fees will be charged on cancelled reservations and No Shows reported within the Reporting Period. If they are reported after the end of the Reporting Period, we reserve the right to charge the cover fees in full for the reservation. We also reserve the right to check and charge for cancelled and No Show reservations if your cancellation and No Show rate (cancelled reservations + No Show reservations / reservations made) deviates from the average cancellation and No Show rate of all Quandoo partners by more than 25 % in a calendar month.

5.7. If you select the "SMS" option in your User Account, you instruct us to inform your customers by SMS, in addition to e-mails, about transactions (booking confirmation, booking reminder, etc.). You will carry the costs, which will be displayed in your User Account. Billing will follow our regular invoicing procedures.

5.3 Nobody likes no-shows. Let us know when you decide to charge a cancellation fee and which amount you choose. We give you three options to keep things simple.

6. Obligations of the Partner

6.1. As a general standard precaution, we would recommend you backup your data at regular intervals and create your own backup copies to guarantee its reconstruction in case of loss. In this context, we would like to advise you that you will have no more access to your User Account after the end of the contract, nor to the data and information stored therein.

6.2. It will be your responsibility to ensure that this data and information is accessible from the devices you use and with the internet connection you have in your restaurant. You must also ensure that you have the appropriate software and hardware provisions or configurations, if this is a prerequisite for using the modules you subscribed to.

6.3. You must check the error-free functioning of the modules after they are provided by Quandoo and immediately report any apparent errors. If you fail to report any errors or defects, Quandoo will regard the module as having been accepted error-free.

6.4. You hereby agree to display our information materials in your business premises in a clear and noticeable way.

6. Obligations of the Partner

After our agreement is over, we can erase your data, so please complete your own backup for important information.

We want both Quandoo and you to be covered on the backup front. You do your part and we’ll do ours.

7. General obligations and guarantees of the Partner, indemnification of Quandoo

7.1. You hereby grant us, free of charge, the non-exclusive, transferrable and sublicensable right, which is unlimited in terms of time and space, to use the information provided by you (e.g. text, images, photographs, images of persons, trademarks) in order to execute the contract and offer the Quandoo Services, without requiring the consent of third parties or payments to third parties, and in particular to reproduce or spread this information or to make it accessible to the public, including in an edited or translated form.

7.2. You guarantee that the information you provide us, as well as our contractual use thereof, will not infringe any third party rights and that it can be used without requiring the consent of any third parties or payments to third parties. In particular, you expressly guarantee that in the case of photographs, you have the necessary consent of any persons depicted and the right to use photographs or other copyrighted works without naming the photographer or author.

7.3. You hereby grant us the right to advertise for you throughout the Quandoo Network by using your business name, word mark or design mark for any form of marketing, including online marketing, e-mail marketing and/or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We will initiate all marketing activities at our sole discretion and at our own expense.

7.4. You can transfer personal data relating to you, your employees or your customers to us. You will remain responsible for this data and for the fulfilment of related obligations under relevant statutory provisions, especially data protection regulations and competition law. We will also give you access to end users' personal data when necessary for the execution of the contract. You will immediately inform us if data subjects assert rights against you that will also affect our processing of their data.

7. General obligations and guarantees of the Partner, indemnification of Quandoo

We want every foodie to know about your restaurant so we’ll promote your business with pictures, text, etc, to make our work together as successful as possible.

Regarding assets like photos and menus - if you share them with us, we’ll share them with our hungry users as well.

We’ve got an entire marketing team ready to tell the (digital) world how great your restaurant is. Their main superpowers are emails and digital ads.

7.5. By accepting these terms, you agree that all data processing will be subject to our data processing agreement. Data transfers to sub-processors will also always be done within the framework of this agreement.

7.6. You agree to use appropriate anti-malware on all hardware and to keep all software used to access Quandoo Services up to date.

7.7. You will indemnify us and our employees, representatives, shareholders and vicarious agents against all claims of third parties, as well as provide us with compensation for damages and reimburse us for all necessary expenditures, including reasonable legal defence costs, insofar as these arise due to an infringement on your part of the contractual guarantees or obligations specified in this section.

8. Rights reserved by Quandoo

8.1. Unless otherwise agreed, we will retain all rights that we have not expressly granted to you.

8.2. This will particularly apply to all rights to the "Quandoo" brand, other trademark rights held by us and rights to text, images, web and other designs, software, databases and data (including data, analyses and statistics generated during the execution of the contract), especially rights to use Listings or reviews, e.g. in your advertising.

7.5 We value your privacy above anything. We won’t share anything unless you tell us so!

9. Term of the contract, termination

9.1. Unless otherwise agreed in a separate, individual agreement between us, the subscription term of the contract will start on the date from which you receive access to the Quandoo Services via your User Account and can manage your bookings ("Go Live"). This will generally be the case when we have completed all set-up work for your restaurant profile as well as the software for reservation management. Billing will also start from this date. You will be informed of this by e-mail.

9.2. Notwithstanding the above, this contract is enforceable from the date of both parties' signature. You agree to assist Quandoo to set up the service in order for you to Go Live and for billing to commence.

9.3. The contract term agreed in the individual agreement will apply, whereby the last month will always count as a full month. The contract may only be terminated for the first time at the end of this term, in accordance with the agreed notice period.

9.4. If automatic extension is agreed, the contract will be extended and can only be terminated to the end of the respective extension period with the contractually agreed notice period.

9.5. If no automatic extension is agreed, the contract will end upon the expiry of the term of the contract, without needing to be terminated.

9. Term of the contract, termination

The beginning and end of the contract are important things to know! While we don’t want to terminate the contract, here are the nuts and bolts and when and how this can happen:

How long does my contract last and when does it end?

The length will be specified in the contract you sign, but no matter what, it ends at the end of the month, regardless of when it began.

So: If your contract started on 13th August 2020 and is valid for 24 months, it will end on 31st August 2022.

Will my contract continue even if I do nothing??

This will also be specified in the contract you sign, but generally, yes. We’re happy to keep providing our service to help you easily accept reservations. That being said, you can always end this by letting us know.

When can I end the contract?

You can put a stop to it by letting us know before the agreed end date.

For example, if we’ve agreed on a 3-month notice period and the contract end date is 31st August 2022, you’ll need to let us know 3 months before this, on 31st May 2022. Then the contract will end on 31st August 2022 (the 3 months being June/July/August 2022).

Quandoo can end the contract if you do not comply with any of the dos and don'ts.

9.6. Our right to extraordinary termination in case of your objection to any amendments to these Terms or any fee increases, as contained elsewhere in these Terms, remain unaffected.

9.7. The right to terminate these Terms with immediate effect in the event of a material breach will remain unaffected, provided that the party in breach fails to remedy such breach within 14 calendar days of receiving written notice requiring the breach to be remedied.

9.8. Termination will always be required to be in writing (e-mail is sufficient - support.au@quandoo.com / billing.au@quandoo.com).

9.6 At any point if any of us feels something is not right, let’s talk to each other.

10. Prices, terms of payment, default

10.1. All prices will be quoted as net prices plus GST (as defined in the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (Cth).

10.2. The invoices that we issue to you can be transmitted electronically. Invoices relating to our services will usually be issued and sent to you in the first few days of the next calendar month.

10.3. Unless otherwise agreed, payments to us will be due in advance after the conclusion of the contract. Unless an invoice specifies a different payment date, it will be payable immediately.

10.4. The monthly flat-rate usage fee will only be calculated and due from the Go Live date.

10.5. Unless otherwise agreed, you will give Quandoo a direct debit mandate for all payments arising from your contracts with us. You must provide complete and accurate payment information and keep this up to date at all times. You may request reimbursement of the amount debited within eight weeks, starting from the debit date. The terms and conditions agreed with your bank will apply.

10.6. If you select "credit card" as your method of payment in your User Account, (i) you are guaranteeing that you will provide accurate card information and are authorised to use this credit card; and (ii) you are agreeing to switch to credit card payment and authorising us to execute payment orders/collect receivables in connection with the contracts that you have entered into with us. Any processing of cardholder data will be done entirely by a PCI DSS certified payment service provider. We will not store, process or send any card holder data ourselves. You can revoke your agreement at any time in your User Account. Changes to the method of payment will come into effect on the last day of a month.

10.7. In the event of a default on payment, we will be entitled to suspend the service at your expense for the duration of the default; your payment obligation will remain unaffected by this. If, after we give notice of your default and provide you with an opportunity to remedy such default, you remain in default, we may terminate the contractual relationship without further notice to you. We may also instruct external legal practitioners or debt collection agencies to collect outstanding amounts on our behalf. You may be held liable for any additional costs and fees incurred in this regard.

10.8. In the event of a default on payment, statutory default interest will be charged, without prejudice to further claims for compensation by us. An administrative fee will be charged for each reminder for default. In the event of return debits for which you are responsible, we will charge you for the actual expenses incurred.

10. Prices, terms of payment, default

This is about money intricacies. It’s worth taking a minute to read through the nitty gritty.

11. Quandoo's liability

11.1. If the Partner is a Consumer and Quandoo supplies PDH Goods or Services to the Partner, Quandoo acknowledges that the Partner may have certain rights under the Australian Consumer Law in respect of the Consumer Guarantees as they apply to the PDH Goods or Services supplied by Quandoo, and nothing in these T&C should be interpreted as attempting to exclude, restrict or modify the applicability of those rights.

11.2. If the Partner is a Consumer and any goods or services supplied by Quandoo to the Partner are non PDH Goods or Services, Quandoo's liability to the Partner in connection with any breach of the Consumer Guarantees in respect of those non PDH Goods or Services is limited (at Quandoo's discretion) to:

11.2.1 In the case of goods: the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; the repair of the goods; the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired; and

11.2.2. In the case of services: the supplying of the services again; or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

11. Quandoo's liability

We recognise our responsibility and your rights as our Partner. Legally, we’ll provide you with the Goods or Services we’ve agreed because we value having you as a Partner.

11.3. If the partner makes a claim against Quandoo which includes a cause of action other than for a breach of a Consumer Guarantee then, to the extent the claim, or part of the claim, does not relate to a Consumer Guarantee and to the extent permitted by law, Quandoo expressly excludes all liability in respect of the Goods or Services supplied by Quandoo to the Partner.

11.3 But - for any claim against Quandoo, even if the claim is justified under Consumer Guarantee, if Australian Consumer Law is not applicable, then we won’t be responsible.

11.4. The defined terms used in this clause have the following meanings:

11.4.1 "Australian Consumer Law" means Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and any equivalent State or Territory legislation.

11.4.2. "Consumer" has the meaning provided to it in section 3 of the Australian Consumer Law.

11.4.3. "Consumer Guarantee" means a guarantee provided under Division 1 of Part 3-2 of the Australian Consumer Law.

11.4.4 "Goods" means the goods to be supplied by Quandoo to you under these T&C.

11.4.5. "PDH goods or Services" means goods or services which, for the purposes of the Australian Consumer Law, are of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption.

11.4.6. "Services" means the services to be supplied by Quandoo to you under these T&C.

11.4 Here are the definitions of all the important words used in this “liability” part.

12. Final provisions

12.1. The laws of New South Wales apply.

12.2. The place of performance of all our contracts will be our registered place of business in Sydney, Australia.

12.3. If individual provisions are or become completely or partly invalid, the rest of the contract remains valid.

12.4. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from our contractual relationship with you will be our registered place of business.

12. Final provisions

We’re nearing the end of this dense, legal doc. Just a few more things to clarify and then we’re on our way to a future of smooth restaurant bookings for your business!

Seeing as we call Australia home, the agreements, legal documents and anything else related to our work together, will be sorted in Australia by the courts of Sydney.

Our food-obsessed team can’t wait to work with you!

Using some hardware provided by Quandoo? Here’s what you need to know.

Quandoo Additional Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Hardware


1. Scope

1.1. These Additional Terms and Conditions regulate the special terms and conditions for our sale of hardware to you.

1.2. If we make hardware available to you free of charge for whatever reason, these Additional Terms and Conditions do not apply, i.e. you cannot assert any warranty claims against us with respect to the hardware that is provided free of charge.

1.3. In other respects, the General Quandoo Terms and Conditions for Corporate Partners will apply as well as other agreed Additional Terms and Conditions, if applicable.

2. Subject of the contract

2.1. You can purchase selected hardware from us. Modules to which you have subscribed in your contract will be compatible with the hardware and can be used on it.

2.2. In other respects, we do not guarantee any properties and provide no guarantees with regard to the purpose of use of the hardware.

3. Provisions for the purchase of hardware

3.1 The prices agreed in the contract, plus shipping costs, will apply. In other respects, the General Provisions of our Terms and Conditions for Corporate Partners will apply, particularly the provisions relating to prices, terms of payment and default.

3.2. Retention of title

3.2.1. You will only acquire title to the hardware upon payment of the full purchase price. The goods subject to a retention of title may not be pledged to third parties or transferred by way of security before the purchase price has been paid in full. You must inform us in writing immediately if third parties access the goods belonging to Quandoo (e.g. through pledging or other dispositions). You are obligated to preserve the reserved goods in a flawless condition.

3.2.2. If you act contrary to the contract, especially in the event of the non-payment of the purchase price that is due, we will be entitled to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the statutory provisions and to reclaim the goods on the basis of the retention of title and the withdrawal. If you do not pay the purchase price that is due, we may assert these rights within our statutorily allowed rights.

1. Scope

If we sell you hardware, we need to quickly mention a few more things. Bear with us as we lay out a few nuts and bolts on the left about our hardware.

3.3. Warranty

3.3.1. The warranty operates alongside and in addition to any statutory rights that you may have in terms of consumer or any other laws, and should not be interpreted as attempting to exclude, restrict or modify the applicability of any of those rights.

3.3.2. We warrant that the hardware will conform in all material respects with its description and be reasonably fit for purpose for a period of one year from receipt of the hardware (warranty period).

3.3.3. You must notify us in writing of any obvious defects upon delivery of the hardware (including an incorrect or short delivery) within two weeks from the time of the delivery.

3.3.4. If the hardware contains a defect and resultantly does not comply with this warranty at any other time after delivery, you must notify us of the defect in writing, no later than 48 hours after discovery of the defect.

3.3.5. We will not be liable for any unreported defects.

3.3.6. If, after we are given a reasonable opportunity to examine the alleged defect, we find that the delivered item is in fact defective, we may choose to repair the defect or to deliver a defect-free item (replacement delivery) as supplementary performance. Our right to refuse supplementary performance under statutory conditions will remain unaffected. If our supplementary performance has failed, you may withdraw from the contract and we will refund the price of the defective hardware in full. In the event that the failed supplementary performance relates to a minor defect, however, there will be no refund and no right of withdrawal, but rather a reduction in purchase price.

3.3.7. Damages caused by unsuitable measures or measures contrary to the contract on your part during the set-up, installation, connection, use, operation, maintenance or storage will not justify a claim against us, neither will we be liable for any defects that arise as a result of fair wear and tear, wilful damage or negligence by you or any third party.

3.4. We will assume no procurement risk and will be entitled to withdraw from the contract if we do not receive the delivery item in spite of the prior conclusion of an appropriate purchase contract on our part; our liability for wilful intent or gross negligence will remain unaffected. We will inform you immediately if the hardware will not be available on time. If we want to withdraw from the contract, we will exercise the right of withdrawal immediately. In the event of withdrawal, we will refund the relevant payment immediately.

3.3. Warranty

The hardware comes with a warranty as well. We want you to be completely happy with our work together, so if you think something is off with the equipment we’ve provided, just let our team know and we’ll help you out.

4. Installation of modules

4.1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we will install the modules you have subscribed to on the hardware. This will not apply if you purchase the hardware without having subscribed to any modules with us.

4.2. You agree that we may remove the hardware from its original packaging and commission it before delivery, for the purpose of installing the modules to which you have subscribed.

5. Delivery

5.1. The delivery dates or delivery periods will not be binding. They will only be binding fixed dates if this is expressly agreed in writing and the dates are identified as such.

5.2. Delivery will be to the delivery address provided by you.

5.3. Part deliveries will be permitted if they are reasonable for you.

4. Installation of modules

We’re happy to assist you with the installation and setup of our hardware.

Please let us know in advance what kind of help you need, where you’re located (so we can come to you), and when you’re available.

We’re nearly there!

But first, we need to touch on a few points related to photos of your mouthwatering food and top-notch restaurant. Let’s dive in.

Quandoo Additional Terms and Conditions for the Creation of Photographs



1. Scope

1.1. These Additional Terms and Conditions regulate the special terms and conditions for the creation of photographs.

1.2. In other respects, the General Quandoo Terms and Conditions for Corporate Partners apply as well as other agreed Additional Terms and Conditions, if applicable.

2. Subject of the contract

2.1. We offer the creation of photographs, especially of partner restaurants and the food and drinks offered there.

2.2. To fulfil the obligations under these Additional Terms and Conditions, we are entitled to engage third parties as subcontractors.

1. Scope

We’re pleased to offer the option of photography services if you would like. (After all, according to most chefs, “you eat with your eyes first”.)

We take intellectual property very seriously, so you can give us the authority to publish images on your behalf

3. Conclusion of the contract, agreement of deadlines, cancellation, delivery

3.1. You can sign up for the production and licensing of professional photographs either through contract or via the Quandoo Webpage. A separate individual agreement will set out both the price, as well as the number of photographs to be delivered in either case.

3.2. After the conclusion of the contract, we will set a binding date for the creation of the photographs ("Shooting") by mutual agreement.

3.3. If you cancel the Shooting, the full amount of costs agreed in the individual contract will remain due. If you postpone the Shooting, the following fees will be due: (i) if the Shooting is postponed more than 48 hours before the agreed time, no costs will be due; (ii) if the Shooting is postponed 24-48 hours before the agreed time, 50 % of the costs agreed in the individual contract will be due; (iii) if the Shooting is postponed less than 24 hours before the agreed time, 100 % of the costs agreed in the individual contract will be due.

3.4. We will deliver the contractually agreed number of photographs in a jpg. format, edited by Quandoo, if applicable, at our sole discretion before delivery to the Partner ("Material"). There will be no entitlement to delivery of other photographs that are created in the course of the Shooting, which are not Material ("Raw Material"). We will decide, at our own discretion, which photographs are sent to you as Material.

3. Conclusion of the contract, agreement of deadlines, cancellation, delivery

Our team can facilitate the logistics of the photo shoot, including the photographer, equipment, etc.

If we do confirm a photo shoot, it’s incredibly important that you let us know in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule, so that we can inform the photographer and all other paid parties involved.

4. Selection of subjects, consent, indemnification

4.1. The subjects of photography will be selected by agreement between you and us or the subcontractors commissioned by us.

4.2. It is your sole responsibility to obtain the consent of any third parties that is necessary for the creation of the photographs and to indemnify us against claims of third parties that are based on a failure to obtain this consent or a failure to fully obtain this consent.

4. Selection of subjects, consent, indemnification

Who and what will be in the photographs? That’s for our team and yours to discuss! Let’s chat about the best representation of your brand and business, and work together to bring your images to life.

5. Granting of rights of use

5.1. Within the framework of the applicable statutory protection period, we grant you the simple right, unrestricted in terms of time and place, to the tangible or intangible use of the Material as follows:

5.1.1. the right to make the Material publicly accessible on the internet, especially on webpages and social media accounts, as well as in the context of web-based advertising that is provided in a digital format.

5.1.2. the right to use the Material in books, documentation, promotional measures, advertising including poster advertising, brochures, flyers, catalogues for print and digital editions without quantity restrictions in Australia and abroad.

5.1.3. the right to use the Material in public relations work and to pass it on to third parties for publication, reproduction and dissemination for this purpose.

5.1.4. the right to present the Material at exhibitions and events, especially for internal and external presentations, in both digital and analogue format.

5.1.5. the right to exploit the Material commercially through the production and sale of all kinds of goods.

5.1.6. the right to edit the Material in consideration of the moral rights of the author and to adapt it for the intended purpose of use, i.e. to undertake retouching, colour and resolution adjustments, to alter the Material digitally and to create details.

5.2. You may grant sublicenses within the framework of the rights granted to you under 5.1.

5.3. You accept the granting of rights to the above extent.

5.4. We warrant that a waiver of the author's right to be named has been agreed with the author of the materials, insofar as this is legally permissible.

5.5. We will have the right to edit the Material and to use it – including in an edited form – for advertising purposes, e.g. through presentation by us and by companies affiliated with us on webpages, in apps, in print advertising media and in internal and external presentations, without restriction in terms of time and space and in a tangible and intangible form. The author and intermediate contractors will also be entitled to use the Material as a reference for their own customer acquisition. We will not grant your competitors any direct rights to the (Raw) Material.

Quandoo, September 2021

5. Granting of rights of use

In order for us to respect your intellectual property, we’ll need your permission to do a few things. The scope of this is laid out on the left.

It’s almost time to get this (dinner) show on the road!

Have any questions? Let our team know and we’ll find the answers you need.

We can’t wait to work with you and shine a spotlight on your business for prospective diners 🌟

But wait! If you’ve opted to add on our Google Integration, this part’s for you.

Addendum for the Provision of the Google Integration + Add-on


In addition to the services provided under the Booking Contract between Quandoo and the Partner, the Partner wants to use the Google Integration+ and Facebook/Instagram Add-On (the " Add-On").

The Parties therefore agree as follows:

1. The Add-On is an addition to the booking services provided by Quandoo under the existing Booking Contract with the Partner and not a stand-alone product. Only Partners contractually using one of the following Booking Modules may use the Add-On subject to the terms of this Addendum: Basic, Professional, Premium. This Addendum expires automatically if and when the Booking Contract ends, regardless of the reason. The Term of this Addendum is tied to the Term of the Booking Contract.

2. During the Term of the Addendum, all reservations made via the Google interface, Facebook or Instagram, while excluding any linking from Quandoo to external websites, shall be free of charge for the Partner. For the avoidance of doubt, Partner must still pay for reservations coming through all other channels according to the terms of Booking Contract. Reservations subject to a charge include, without being limited hereto, all reservations coming through SEM channels, action links or the reservation link in the Google panel.

3. Partner shall pay a monthly fee in the amount of 0.00 AUD.

4. This Addendum shall come into effect on the day of the actual implementation of the Booking Contract.

5. The Addendum shall renew for successive renewal terms of one (1) month each, unless terminated according to the terms set out below.

6. Either Party may cancel the Addendum for convenience with one months' written notice (email sufficient). Furthermore, Quandoo shall have the right to cancel the Addendum by giving written notice (email sufficient) to the Partner, if and when Google, Facebook or Instagram starts to charge for reservations coming through the channels specified in 2. The right to terminate for good cause shall remain effective.

7. All other provisions of the Booking Contract apply to this Addendum, unless specifically addressed in this Additional Contract. In the latter case, the Addendum shall prevail.

If you’ve opted to add on the Google Integration, including Facebook and Instagram, this service will last as long as our contract. When our contract ends, so too will this add-on.

If a reservation doesn’t come through Quandoo, but rather through an add-on like Facebook or Instagram, there will be no added cost for you.

It’s worth saying again - this add-on lasts for the duration of our contract together. No more. No less. We like to keep things simple.

If either of us wants to take a break from this convenient add-on, we’ll let each other know in writing (email works!).

If Quandoo starts being charged for reservations coming in through Google, Facebook, or Instagram, we will consider pausing this service and finding an alternative solution. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop. 

By now, you’re a pro at the terms and conditions of this contract. And guess what? They apply to the add-on as well. See? That was easy.


You’ve made it through the legal jargon and are on your way to easy, organised bookings with Quandoo 🚀

Our team is available for any questions and we look forward to working with you!

Your Quandoo team