Spending too much time managing reservations?

Meet Quandoo for Restaurants, an easy-to-use restaurant reservation system that helps you manage reservations and maximise capacity in minutes

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With its hassle-free self sign-up process, web-based app and responsive interface, you can set up your account in minutes and manage reservations, across devices.

Reach new diners. Seat more guests.

Enjoy direct online reservations

Enjoy direct online reservations

Go beyond reservation management — manage your online presence, reach new customers and fill more seats.

  • Manage and update your restaurant profile on Quandoo.
  • Upload your menu, contact details, cuisine, opening hours and price range.
  • Add our responsive booking widget to your website, Google business profile and social media channels.
  • Leverage our growing user base and strong partner network to reach new customers.
Manage tables and reservations with ease

Manage tables and reservations with ease

Everything you need to manage reservations, maximise floor efficiency and seat guests faster.

  • Add walk-ins and phone reservations to the system to avoid overbooking. 
  • View all your reservations in one centralised list.
  • Quickly add, modify or remove reservations to maximise restaurant occupancy.
  • View special guest requests and add reservation notes about dietary preferences, food allergies, occasions, etc.

Control the flow of diners

Control the flow of diners

Over-crowded restaurants are a no-go. Monitor your restaurant’s capacity to optimise service levels and create a safer dining experience.

  • Set and edit reservation times, dining areas and tables.
  • Quickly pause same-day reservations to manage busy periods.
  • Block incoming reservations for a future date to limit capacity or accommodate walk-ins.
Keep guests in the loop

Keep guests in the loop

Make every guest feel special and reduce no-shows with timely communication.

  • Get real-time notifications about new reservations, modifications or cancellations.
  • Send automated confirmation and cancellation notifications via email.


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Quandoo has been fantastic when it comes to the creation of additional brand awareness and the generation of new business for us.

Jason Pope
Owner of Dallas Restaurant & Bar

Quandoo's attention to detail is just amazing. They have helped plug holes in our processes and have really streamlined our business.

George D. Kokkinis
Managing Director at Bakalaki

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