6 Benefits of Pro - the new and improved restaurant reservation system from Quandoo for Restaurants

In today’s competitive restaurant industry, embracing technological innovation and user-friendly software solutions can help your restaurant succeed. Our new and improved Pro reservation system is an easy-to-use solution that lets you become bookable online and attract more diners. Let’s explore the key benefits of Pro, and learn how you can use our solutions to grow your restaurant.

1. Streamline the reservation process

Start taking online reservations 24/7 to meet the demands of today’s digital consumers – and create a seamless booking process for both your diners and staff. Diners can easily search for a free table and place a reservation in just a few clicks. You and your team can save time spent on accepting reservations by phone and email, and instead manage your reservations in one centralised list. This simplified process helps reduce your workload, minimises the chance of mistakes and provides a pleasant dining experience.

2. Get listed on Quandoo

As a partner, your restaurant will be listed on Quandoo’s portal and app – where you gain access to our growing pool of diners. Your restaurant gets a personalised profile page, which can be easily discovered by diners, who can book a table in just a few clicks.

Image of a notebook and a mobile phone showing a restaurant on Quandoo portal and Quandoo app

Attract guests with enticing photos and menus, and create your own special offers to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd. Your Quandoo profile contains all the necessary information about your restaurant, which you can add and edit as desired.

Our marketplace is equally beneficial to established and new businesses: Whether you want to diversify existing booking channels, or want to strategically market your new restaurant to attract your first guest –  our diners are eager to discover and book their next culinary experience at your restaurant.

3. Boost visibility on Google and in our partner networks

Image of a phone displaying a Trattoria in Google search results

Marketing your restaurant can be both time-consuming and challenging, but we’ve got you covered. Our marketing solutions aim to make your restaurant stand out on Google (Google Search or Maps), and in our partner networks such as Facebook and Instagram. As diners today tend to turn online for information, boosting your online visibility is key to attracting more diners: According to a 2023 survey, 62% of consumers use Google to search for restaurant information.

4. Optimise restaurant operations 

Image showing a tablet with Pro, a product from Quandoo for Restaurants

Control the flow of diners with easy-to-use capacity and availability solutions – define your restaurant’s seating areas and create table combinations to maximise capacity. To manage peak hours and reduce wait times, you can set your own reservation and opening hours. The result? Better planning and less pressure on waiting staff, who can focus on serving your diners.

5. Elevate the dining experience

The dining experience is no longer limited to the restaurant visit itself. From searching for a restaurant and placing a reservation, to the meal itself and your business following up afterwards – all factors can leave an impression on a diner. Our solutions empower you to offer diners a seamless experience from start to finish – making them more likely to become loyal guests, leave positive reviews and recommend your restaurant to friends and family.


6. Manage your reservations from any device

Pro reservation system can be used on any device, including desktop, laptop and mobile. This gives you the flexibility to manage, accept and edit reservations on the go, and on your preferred device. Whatsmore, the new and improved interface is streamlined and intuitive to use, so anyone in your team can handle their daily tasks with ease.

Ready to get started with Pro?

Simplify your reservation management with Pro, and experience the benefits of boosted online visibility, more bookings and improved operations. Our Singapore sales team is happy to discuss your needs in more detail – contact us to learn more.

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